The Feet of the Goddess

The Gift

by A.K.A. Tanabe

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This is a story of a girl who happens to be one of those chosen Hybrid goddesses and gods who was given help by the warriors, servants, and followers of Mother Goddess the protector of the Earth. She is mentored by the escort and keeper of the lost souls, and even the Black Shadow. She doesn’t have the idea that she will help in saving our planet for she’s just a mere kid. Kids at her age should enjoy their childhood and discover the essence of their youth. Yet, Anna became aware of what’s happening and she discovers the reality of today’s modern world. She accepted the fact that her life will never be as normal as other kids’ life. She embraced that this is her destiny. She is destined to fight for the safety of the planet. She gives importance to the only resource of human life. She’s able to conquer her fears by accepting the gift given to her. This is her fate,..

The Author

The author is very ambitious since she was young. As a kid, she has the ambition to be both a Lawyer and a Doctor. She wanted to build hospital for the poor for free and give equality to those people who were injustice. She already knew that she is a Medium and she has the capability to use her psychic prowess to talk about the past, the present, and the future. There’s a fact that mediums will not be successful with their ambitions, so she escaped her reality and went to Japan and changed her Fate and Destiny. She visited Nagasaki and Hiroshima and discovered a lot of things there. She wanted to become a successful Author as well as inspire other people with her stories and creations. She was able to write the series entitled Feet of the Goddess since the idea came to her mind when she bought a farm in the Mountain Forest, and her medium self came back when she met the Goddess and Fairies in the woods.

AKA Tanabe

She called her Goddess Assa, and considered her as one of her sanctified mentor and divine-channelled guru. She has given helped by the Goddess in spreading awareness about the catastrophes that were made by mankind, as well as the Universal system cataclysms that will logically occurs every millennia. She’ll go onto start a business venture on her way to be successful in life. She also knew that she has the potential and the ability to write and read stories since then, hence preferred to build a successful publishing company in the near future, and so to help those writers and Authors who are willing to spread the reality and facts about on how to help in maintaining the safety of our planet Earth..

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